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 Age of Technology

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PostSubject: Age of Technology   Thu May 24, 2018 12:54 pm

There was a time when our world was run by great technologies - vehicles, communication, entertainment, finance, and more were all operated and connected via a complex network of computers. The great passion of mankind was innovation. New technology emerged almost faster than the people could adapt to it. Some used this technology as a boon, discovering newer, faster, more efficient, less expensive, and more convenient ways of doing things. Others used it as a crutch - allowing the technology to consume their lives and accomplishing very little. Politicians and businessmen figured out ways of making both mindsets benefit them.

During this time of increased travel and communication, the world began to figuratively shrink. The concept of nations and borders became passe. The conflict between nations was replaced with increased religious strife and political demagoguery. One group rose above the conflicts and began a new union of scientists and universities. Although they had an official title, they commonly became known as the "intelligentsia." Seeing this group was providing the highest amount of innovation, they quickly held sway with most of the world's politicians and corporations.

With the necessary go-ahead and funding, the Intelligentsia was set free to explore concepts that were never heretofore conceived of.

- Mittigan the Chronicler
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Age of Technology
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