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 The Elves

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PostSubject: The Elves    Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:01 am

This race is descended from scholars and the original wizards. The desire for knowledge, especially the arcane, is strong in them.

Appearance: Elves tend to be tall, slender, and naturally fit. Adults typically range from 5 1/2' to 6 1/2' feet. Their skin is usually fair. Common hair colors include black, all shades of brown, blonde, red, violet, and silver. They reach adulthood in their mid-twenties, enjoy about forty years of vibrancy, and have a lifespan nearing 120 years.

Class Restrictions - Elves cannot be barbarians, clerics, paladins or warlocks. Fighters gain +1 to hit with long bows.

Ability Scores - Charisma and Dexterity have minimum scores of 12; all other scores start at the minimum (2). Starting characters can then add 46 points to be distributed between the six abilities. Strength and Constitution cannot exceed 18. All other scores can reach maximum (20).

Bonuses - Darkvision (60'), proficient in Perception, advantage on saves vs. charm, cannot be put to sleep by magical means, trance, know one cantrip from the wizard spell list.

Languages - Elves are fluent in common and Elvish, the language of music and magic.
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The Elves
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