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 The Humans

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PostSubject: The Humans   Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:59 am

The most plentiful type of race is humanity. Humans can be found all over the continent.

Appearance -  Humans are quite diverse in a appearance. Adults typically range from 5 to 6 feet and can be quite thin or quite heavy. Their skin is typically a shade of tan, but very dark, very pale, and even pinkish skin tones are common. Hair color ranges from a deeply dark brunette to silvery blonde with some gingery shades cropping up here and there. Males may don facial hair around their mouths and across their jawline. They reach adulthood in their late teens and have about twenty-five years of vibrancy before age settles in. The average life-span is about 65 years.

Class Restrictions - none

Ability Scores - All ability scores for humans begin at the minimum (2). Humans have a total of 70 additional points to divide between their six abilities. No ability scores should exceed twenty (20).

Bonuses - Darkvision (60'); humans begin with a feat of their choice.

Languages - Humans have fluency in common and one other language of their choice. Seeing their common speech is filled with so many cognates of elvish, dwarven, and orcish, they can usually get the gist of conversations in those languages even though the specifics might be lost on them.
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The Humans
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