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 General Race Information

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As the world stand today, humans (and their hybrids and subraces) make up about 90% or more of the known population. The differences in racial lore are expanded upon below:

* Half-elves and half-orcs are the hybrid offspring of humans and either elves or orcs. Almost no one who is alive today is a first-generation hybrid, but instead are more orc, more elf, or more human than not. Some may very well be the result of two half-orcs and two half-elves breeding.
*Halflings and goliaths are essentially mutations of humans (similar to dwarfism in the real world). They do get their own distinct racial abilities though.
*Aasimar are born to human parents (though some conversations of immaculate conception have occurred). This is a pretty rare occurrence though. Generally only is one is born in a generation in any group of roughly 1,000 people.

The other 10% (give or take) is as follows:
*Dwarves are primarily subterranean. They have no difficulty living outside, but they prefer the comforts of living under the mountains.
*Orcs live in tribes along the southern ends of civilization. They very much have a chip on their shoulder regarding both elves and humans.
*Warforged exist both in and out of Forestwylde. Many think of them as mere tools rather than sentient creatures capable of independent thoughts and emotions.
*Tiefling started emerging from the Forestwylde a hundred years or so after the rebellion. Although they insist that they escaped from the elves in a similar fashion to humans, many eye them with suspicion and think of them as elvish spies.
*Elves do still exist. It is rumored that their numbers are very much in decline (as is evidenced by the state of the Forestwylde), but elves in this world age extremely slowly and are immortal. Each male is only capable of producing one offspring, and each female is only capable of one pregnancy (whether it goes to term or not). They can be killed though, and many have been as a result of their own schemes, power struggles, and experiments with magic.

Other races are in existence, but none of them are commonly found outside of Forestwylde.
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General Race Information
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