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 Bors gear, fun stuff

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Bors gear, fun stuff Empty
PostSubject: Bors gear, fun stuff   Bors gear, fun stuff EmptySat Mar 04, 2017 10:01 pm

Weapons: Bonestorm +2 Maul, War Pick, Ice Dwarf Shield, Hand Axe


4 pairs of Overalls 1 hide 2 Canvas 1 Furlined
2 pair of boots
1 Pair Fur boots
1 Fur tunic
2 Cloak one fur, one leather
1 pair fur gloves

1 set comes with Outlander kit so rough cost 3gp

Other Items

Free Outlander Gear: Hunting Trap Animal Trophy is a Big Bear Fur Blanket 4X6
Holy Amulet 5gp
Crowbar 2sp  
Pup Tent 1gp
3 Tinderbox 15sp
50 feet hemp rope 1gp
1 weighted Fishing Net 1gp
5 piece of chalk 5cp
5 candles 5cp
20 flask of oil 2gp
Mess Kit 2sp
10 Day Rations 5gp
5 Waterskin 1gp
5 Soap 1sp
10 sacks 1sp
10 feet of chain 5gp
2 metal S hooks 1gp
Fishing Tackle 1gp
Bed Roll 1gp
2 pillows 1 gp
Steel Mirror 5gp
10 Hooked Iron Spikes 5 gp
1 Iron pot 2GP
1 Iron pan 15 sp
1 Straight Razor 2gp
3 Wetstone 3cp
2 Grappling Hooks 4gp
1 wooden Jug 2cp
2 Wooden flasks 2cp
1 Ice Cutter 1gp

Total  47 gp 35 Sp 14 cp or 49 gold 6sp 7cp

money left 158gp 3sp 3cp

This will work till we take off on a trip at that time will go over whats going on
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Bors gear, fun stuff
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