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 Order of the Monkey

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The Order of the Monkey is a collection of noble Cavaliers, Templars, and Paladins who primarily perform quests and services for and in the name of lawful and good churches. Although they are officially unaffiliated with any particular church, the order (not without its own political leanings) has a tendency to prioritize the concerns of the churches who sponsor the most knights or makes the most donations. It is, however, unavailable to the service of individuals and corporations. Some knights within the order have been allowed to moonlight to individuals or corporations if the service or quest is in the pursuit of good and honorable goals.

The order distinguishes itself physically with an emblem of a forward-facing monkey's head or a full-bodied silhouette of a monkey in repose. Initiates are frequently tasked with the care of the monkey habitat. Upon their advancement to Novice, they are allowed to select one of the monkeys (mostly marmosets, capuchins, tamarins, and macaques) as a pet. Knights of the Order typically bring their monkeys with them on any public outing, and it is not uncommon for some knights to bring their pets with them on quests and adventures. Upon the monkey's death, the knight is expected to return to the monkey habitat and adopt a new one. Until they do, they are to carry around a miniature brass statuette and display it upon request.

(Osgoode no longer has his monkey and has not seeked out a replacement. When asked about it, he will respond that his monkey died and that he is still in mourning. He can readily present his statuette, which satisfies most members of the order. In truth, Osgoode's monkey did die. Once Osgoode started to be controlled by his amulet, his monkey refused to follow his commands. In a private fit of frustration, Osgoode pulled the monkey's head straight off from its body. He is concerned that if he adopts another monkey, it might not obey him either, which would raise some concerns and certainly spark some rumors among those of the order. Eventually he will be forced to take on another monkey or be forced out of the order.)
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Order of the Monkey
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