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 Rules for Character Generation

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PostSubject: Rules for Character Generation   Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:51 pm

Characters may be any race, class, sub-class, or background that has been endorsed by Wizards of the Coast. Homebrew can be played with my permission.

You have 84 points to divide among your six ability scores.

I am not going to worry about rations, wineskins, ammunition and the like. The cost of such will just come out of the treasure table.

I'm also not worried about encumbrance. When it seems like you have WAY too much for your STR/size, I will tell you to make some changes.

Do keep track of other miscellaneous items. If it is not recorded on your character sheet, you character doesn't have it.

Starting cash is maximum class cash + background cash + 100 g.p.

Unless you buy it, you can only have the weapons, armor, and gear that your class and background provide for you.

Post and update your character on this website.

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Rules for Character Generation
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