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 Jordan vs. Drexler

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Jordan vs. Drexler Empty
PostSubject: Jordan vs. Drexler   Jordan vs. Drexler EmptySat Jun 13, 2015 7:13 pm

From the moment the Trailblazers decided to select Sam Bowie with the second overall pick because they already had Clyde Drexler, comparisons between Jordan and Drexler arose, heavily favoring Jordan, but was Drexler closer to Jordan than most people think?

Categories that were essentially a push are not listed: stl/100, blk/100, TO/100,

Pts./100 possessions
Jordan 40.4
Drexler 28.5

Jordan .497
Drexler .472

Jordan .835
Drexler .788

Drexler 8.6
Jordan 8.3

Drexler 7.9
Jordan 7.0

Jordan 118
Drexler 114

Jordan 103
Drexler 105

Jordan 27.9
Drexler 21.1

Jordan .569
Drexler .547

WS/48 min.
Jordan .250
Drexler .173

Jordan 8.1
Drexler 6.0

Jordan 104.4
Drexler 75.6

This is one of those times when our eyes did not deceive us. Drexler could very well be the second-best shooting guard of all time, but there is a pretty wide gulf between him and Jordan. That's why one of them is largely considered the greatest basketball player of all time and the other one isn't even in the conversation.
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Jordan vs. Drexler
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