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 Kris Bryant Sent Down

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PostSubject: Kris Bryant Sent Down   Kris Bryant Sent Down EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 6:08 pm

Sports Radio has little to talk about today, so they tried to make a lot out of nothing when it was announced that Kris Bryant will start the season in the minor leagues.


The Cubs could really use Kris Bryant to start the season.

FACT - Bryant led all minor leaguers last year in home-runs. He was among the major league leaders in that same stat during spring training while hitting over .450. He did have a few more errors than the Cubs would have liked, but on a team that boasts young talent like Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Anthony Rizzo, Bryant may very well be their best everyday player. Still the Cubs would rather have him at his rookie pricetag for an entire additional year than for these first twenty-one days of this season.

Kris Bryant is going to hold this against the Cubs when it comes time for free agency.

FICTION - Sure, he may wish that he could have been a free agent one year earlier, but he will probably also remember that this move indicates that Theo Epstein believes in him and feels that Bryant is valuable enough to put a few games in danger this year for his benefit. There have been a number of young superstars who were in this exact same situation who chose to re-sign with the club that sent them down. Those were never issues, so why is this one an issue? Bryant is smart enough to realize that this isn't a vindictive Cubs organization sending him down, it's an organization that is being forced into this situation by MLB and thinking about its future.

The Cubs ticketholders are the ones who are really paying the price.

FICTION - Out of eight-one home games, only nine of them will take place while Kris Bryant is in Iowa. The team will still be trotting out Baez, Soler, Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Jake Arrieta, and Jason Hamels. There should also be plenty of buzz about new skipper Joe Maddon too.
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Kris Bryant Sent Down
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