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 What's Streaming on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon?

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What's Streaming on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon? Empty
PostSubject: What's Streaming on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon?   What's Streaming on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon? EmptyWed Feb 18, 2015 5:44 pm

What would you recommend on Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime?

The In-Betweeners - British sit-com about four awkward teenagers who are trying to fit in. Raunchy and hilarious.

How the States Got Their Shapes - A documentary series from the History channel starring Brian Unger (formerly of "The Daily Show." Sometimes clever and always informative, especially if you are a fan of American history.

Hulu Plus:
Misfits - British dramedy about five twenty-somethings who get shocked by some paranormal lightning storm while serving community service and end up with superpowers. Very peculiar, frequently funny, and sometimes raunchy.

Community - Hilarious and inventive sit-com that did not get the ratings it deserved.

Amazon Prime:
Carnivale - Supernatural struggle between good and evil set in the midst of the Dust Bowl. Creepy, clever, and sometimes even surprising.

Vikings - Historical serial that takes place in 8th century Scandinavia. Visually enchanting and full of high-pitched drama in the vein of "Gladiator" or "Braveheart."
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What's Streaming on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon?
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